Interested in doing a PhD in transportation/machine learning/data science at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) and need a supervisor?

The UTS PhD scholarship rounds usually have application deadlines around January and Juen each year.

Details for applications can be found on the Scholarship Program website.

Current PhD toppics that I am interested in are the following:

  • [UTS Competition] Traffic behaviour modelling using AI.
  • [UTS Competition] Quantum Computing modelling for transport application.
  • [UTS Competition] Drone utilisation for improving road safety, planning and maintenance.
  • [UTS Competition] Electric Vehicles impact using transport modelling and data science.
  • [UTS Competition] Traffic control for connected and autonomous vehicles.
  • [UTS Competition] Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Modal Traffic Management.

  • Final student report

  • Tongyi Wang (2021), Machine Learning Modeling and Application in Covid- 19 Cases, Vaccination Rollout and Transport Restrictions - Student Report. Final student report:
  • Liu, Y. (2021). "Labour dynamics in the age of automation: detecting emergent skills in labour markets from job ads description." Australian National University. Final student report:
  • Law, A. (2021). "Exposing the Stance of Reddit Users Towards Brexit." Australian National University. Final student report:
  • Khuu, D. (2021). "Polarisation and Influence: Investigating Brexit Opinion Dynamics on Reddit." Australian National University. Final student report:
  • Purushothaman, L (2020). "Review: Modelling Optimal Location for Electric Vehicle Charging Station based on Existing Power Grid Capacity", UTS. Final student report:
  • Mingyou Ma (2019), "Multi-agent simulation for connected and autonomous vehicles", Data61 Summer Internship. Final student report:
  • Zheyuan Liu (2018), Traffic Congestion monitoring by using data-driven simulation and incident impact analysis, Data61 Summer Internship. Final student report:
  • Haowen Li and Zongyan He (2018), "Motorway traffic flow prediction using Deep Learning", honours students in ANU. Final student report:
  • Phoebe, Ho (2017), Dynamic Traffic Assignment for a Sydney Traffic Model, 2017. Final student report:
  • Tutoring

  • Nov. 2017 – Feb. 2018: Tutor of Zheyuan(David) Liu, “Taste of Research” summer student in Data61 who worked on “Traffic Simulation for Congestion Management in Sydney”.

  • Nov. 2016 – Feb. 2017: Tutor of 2 summer students in Data61, “Taste of Research” program:
    • Phoebe Ho from University of NSW: “Dynamic Traffic Assignment Simulation for Pyrmont”.
    • Chengkun Zhang from University of Sydney: “Building a web-based visualization platform for Connected-Vehicles monitoring.”
  • Feb. 2015 – Jun. 2015: Tutor of Mirian Benavides, Master Research Student, University of Lorraine, France, working on integrating mesoscopic traffic simulation models with air pollution estimation methods in an eco-neighbourhood.

  • 2012/2015: Tutor of 2 teams of 5 students/year working on 3D traffic simulation of Nancy Grand Coeur eco-neighbourhood and various international projects in collaboration with Polytechnic School of Montreal, Canada.

  • Teaching

    Flux Simulation (FlexSim)

    After the encouraging results we have obtained with FlexSim , starting November 2013 I have taken the charge for the lecture of flux simulation in FlexSim. In 2012 we experienced the practical work using Arena from Rockwell Simulation.

    The students are introduced in the world of 3D simulation, by building industrial production lines, optimizing available resources for the production process, determining the optimal functioning time, building test scenarios and variate appropriate parameters.
    The students were evaluated during each practical work and the final exam.
    The students were in their first year of studies (1AI) at ENSGSI.

    Discrete Event Systems Control

    During this lecture the student will gather fundamental knowledge about : the sequential logic, finite state automata, Petri nets, Statecharts and Grafcet.
    I assured practical and theoretical information through simulations for Petri nets, Grafcet.

    Graph Theory (Scilab)

    This lecture is given by Didier Maquin, and concerns optimization methods of production chains, passing through the Simplexe Method, linear programming and graph theory.
    I assured the practical works by teaching the students how to model and represent using Scilab a network of real-life production units, which would allow them to find the optimal path of the supply chain.

    International Project Management

    This lecture is held by Davy Monticolo from ENSGSI, in collaboration with Mario Bourgault from "Ecole Polytechnique " Montreal Canada.

    The French students have to work in collaboration with the Canadian students on a case study, using a special platform which is specifically built for supporting the project management techniques: business plan, establishing the budget and the sale price of the products, estimating the time delay using the Gantt planing tool, building and validating the execution tasks, readjusting the project after certain incidents which occur.

    I took part in the conception of the lecture, the coaching of the students during the events that occur, as well as the evaluation plan. The lecture offers a great opportunity for students to experiment the real-life project management, and to learn how to adapt and colaborate with foreign countries involved in the project.

    For the full list of detailed lectures, please download the extended summary of my teaching experience.